Lenovo’s Mobile Division Continues to Disappoint as Revenue Falls

Lenovo has been a PC market leader for quite some time but its mobile business has not done so well despite the acquisition of Motorola in 2014. The company reported its first quarter of the fiscal year 2017 financial results with net income of $173 million on revenue of $10.1 billion. The accounted slow growth […]

Google’s Ara Smartphone is the Latest Alphabet Casualty

Alphabet Inc. will not release the Ara modular smartphone, reports Reuters. The company was working on a smartphone with interchangeable parts before Google became a division of Alphabet Inc. as part of a corporate restructuring scheme. The move has seen a number of ambitious Google X projects scrapped, and Project Ara of the search engine giant’s Advanced […]

Win8, the new version of the Windows operating system experience

The first two days of the whimsy want to experience a new version of Microsoft’s operating system Windows 8 operating system. For the new version of the Windows operating system that has just been born for more than two months, there is no real piracy. The most troublesome thing is how to activate it. If you […]

Why Must One Get Tria Laser beam Hair Elimination Tool?

Are you tired of investing hard earned cash on highly-priced therapies at doctor’s chamber and frequent waxing at charm salons? It turns into rather annoying when you spend hard earned cash and don’t observe prolific results also after numerous therapies. One might seem that the hard earned cash that you devoted on the worthless therapies […]

Fat Loss With The Help Of Weight Loss Suppliments

With the wide selection of choices available when considering getting weight great loss help, it is unsurprising that many people turn out confused about which will dieting and fat loss program is right for him or her. The slimming shakes have recently been enriched with different sort of aroma for boosts the taste and flavours […]

A Couple Of Golden Rules Of Selecting a POS System

For almost all retail businesses, using a POS system is required for the proper handling of the store. The difficulty of handling numerous transactions each day, and of course monitoring the inventory is extremely hard using a manual billing and stock system. However, POS systems can be found in various types and are important to […]

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